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This site will close permanently on May 31, 2014.

When the new MINI became available in the US in 2002, it immediately became a hit and attracted many diverse owners. Waiting lists in some parts of the country were many months long. A community of owners developed through various clubs and websites.

CarNut's Garage was established in 2004 to provide helpful information to MINI owners. There are many other MINI-related websites dedicated to the latest MINI news, club events or to discussion among owners, but none provide a ready resource of technical information useful to the average MINI owner. The objective of CarNut's Garage is to fill this gap by providing information and advice on the care and maintenance of your MINI.

The Discussion Forum also provides a means for the members of the Garage to meet to discuss their MINIs and other subjects of mutual interest. Registration is required to participate in the Discussion Forum, but not to access the other features of this website.

What's New?

This is CarNut's Garage Version 3.0. It has been completely rewritten using new web development software. It has a completely new look and the structure been changed to make links from external locations more intuitive. Some new material has been added and more is being developed. Where appropriate, some content has been salvaged from previous versions and obsolete material from previous versions has been discarded.

CarNut's Garage Version 3.0 has been extensively tested on desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It works correctly on all.

In addition to the new look, CarNut's Garage 3.0 is more friendly to mobile devices. It has been tested on mobile versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome. On tablets, the website accurately displays pages in much the same way as on desktop computers. On Smart Phones the menu structure is rearranged to fit smaller screens, but content is displayed correctly - except on the base version of the Android browser which does not properly resize large pictures. Chrome and Firefox for Android work correctly however.

CarNut's Discussion Forum remains unchanged for now. Future plans include updating the underlying forum software to be more mobile-friendly.


The left-hand column of each page contains a menu of pages in that section. Below that menu in the left-hand column and sometimes the right-hand column, there are large icons indicating other sections of the website organized by general subject area. Click on any of these icons to go to the indicated section. There will always be at least one icon on the left to return you to the CarNut's Garage Home Page.

Work in Progress

CarNut's Garage is a work in progress. It is also a one person operation. There is no research or web development staff. It is completely developed, funded and operated by CarNut who is solely responsible for the content. New material will be added as the need and interest arise. Suggestions are welcome. As the features and specifications of the new MINI change through the model years, information on this site will be updated and enhanced.


The following Software products are used in the development and operation of CarNut's Garage website:

  • Artisteer 4.1.0 - Most CarNut's Garage web pages
  • WordPress 3.6 - CarNut's Blog
  • vBulletin 3.7.0 - CarNut's Garage Discussion Forum

Research is currently under way to determine the future of the Discussion Forum - whether to upgrade vBulletin to the latest version or to use another product.

Updated 9/1/2013 by CarNut

CarNut's Garage is not affiliated with MINI USA or any other organization. CarNut's Garage is a gathering place for MINI and Mini owners and a source of information for the maintenance and care for these cars. Information provided here is based on the opinion and experience of a MINI owner who goes by the screen name "CarNut" and who is solely responsible for its content. CarNut and CarNut's Garage offer the advice and opinions provided herein, but accept no responsibility for your results should you choose to follow said advice. By following any guidance on this site, you accept full responsibility for your own actions.


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