About CarNut’s Garage

Mostly this site is about the “new” MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S (2002 and later). The content may stray at times to other automotive topics or even non-automotive topics if the mood suits me. After all, that is my prerogative as the owner and operator of this website. First and foremost, however, this site exists to provide information about MINIs and to enthusiastically celebrate the enjoyment of our MINIs.

This site is not affiliated with MINI USA or with any other organization or website and it is not intended to compete with any other website. The objective of this site is to augment the information available from those other websites. The niche that this site attempts to fill appears to be missing from other online sources – useful, practical and applicable information a MINI owner can use to care for and maintain his or her vehicle and enhance the enjoyment of it.

The intended audience for this site is current and prospective MINI owners. I will try to be informative and identify my opinions, where they appear, as such. While trying to offer something for all MINI owners, the serious MINI motorhead will likely not find anything new here. Other websites cover that arena very well. However, for the new or even moderately experienced MINI owner, I hope to bring to one place a lot of information you would have to go to many other places to collect – as I have.

I decided to start this website because of the encouragement I have received from other MINI owners and the many e-mails I have received as a result of information I have posted on other MINI-related websites. While I believe all the information posted on this site to be accurate, with the possible exception of comments posted by site visitors, it is after all, my opinion based on my experience and research. If you decide to use this information, you accept full responsibility for your actions. However, I will post only information that I have verified through personal experience or research from multiple sources. In cases where there is significant risk or uncertainty in something I describe, I will so indicate and you can make your own decision. If you have any questions or uncertainty, you can contact me through the website or by e-mail.

Finally, realize that this is a hobby with me. I operate this site out of enthusiasm for automobiles in general and MINIs in particular. Content will evolve over time, but maybe not as fast as you might hope. That is one area where I can use your input to set my priorities. If there is a topic you would particularly like to see covered here, please contact me and I’ll see how I can work it in sooner, rather than later.